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Pregnant Women

"The first thing I saw in my mind when I decided I want to become a sculpture artist, was a large iron woman. Pregnant women is a very deep issue for me, the connects all women that gave birth. The pregnancy and birth experience is unique for females and is a significant process in the life of the woman

This is a process where non-simple physical and emotional changes occur​, the body changes uncontrollably, the hormones go wild, and even the body image and the relationship with the partner are affected. This is a time rich with strong feelings, concerns, worries and, of course, joy. This is something a woman goes though with herself and this something that grows within her. It is very unique and individual that ends with birth, where in most time requires also a great deal of pain.

I think that this connection between women has a great potential that was yet to be fulfilled, that one day mothers from around the world will unite and say "stop the wars", to protect their most important creation - their children."

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