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From Within

"I am constantly looking for new materials, and in the case of he animals the material guided me, for example: I found acorns under the oak tree and in an instant I decided I want to create a squirrel with them. On a trip to the old city of Jerusalem in a store I saw a bowl of antique keys and on that second I wanted to make an owl with them. But was arguing with myself about the connection between the antique keys and an owl, and I have set the idea aside.

When I had some spare time I decided to give in to my intuition and create that owl, and it was only in the end that I saw that the owl is really a cage, and I wanted that inside of it there will be a bird and I realized the connection between the cage and the keys... the materials speak to me, and from that story I learned that when they speak to I should listen and create without questions, intuitively."

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