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The Dresses Series

"When I was a child I learned from my mother how to sew, and at 21 I decided to go and study fashion design. After graduating at the Parsons School of Design in New-York I returned to Israel and began to a fashion design career. I designed and sold my designs to individual women and stores. Later on I opened my own little shop that with time it became a wedding gowns business with 3 different locations.

In the beginning I enjoyed, but after a few years I realized that design, which love, is only a small part of the creation, and that I was investing substantial amount of time managing the sales, and I have become a sort of psychologist of the brides to be and their families.

The dresses series I created with a wink to the wedding gown design world. Finally I succeeded to "design"dress that are not ment to be worn, measure by size, and match the client's taste."

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