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  • Lola

     limited edition  13/30 


    When i was making the series of the bicycle chains dogs, i was looking for a new technic for each dog i make, and a new  brand.
    Lola is the loveble and loved dog of my  sister, Inbal. , she is a Maltes , i am not sure a pedigree, but this is not important to me.
    lola is already 15 years of old( wish her long lasting life).she is my perfact model.
    So, because lola has an uncombed hair, i decided to use stif, rusted bicycle chains, which was not easy to find. I had to expand the area of the bycicle repairs shops, that i was collecting their "garbage".
    I took some pictures of my model  and made her, starting with, a metal stucture, covered with net and with  a thick kind of cement material , that will have the strength to hold the rusted chains.
    I always start with the head. I need to see that the dog is looking at me, and than i can go on with the rest of the body.
    I usually love all my "children", my creations, but definitly Lola is one of my favorits dogs. 

    • Materials

      Bicycle Chains

    • Measurements (cm):

    • Shipping

      15-20 Business days


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