In Jaffa

"The gallery is a place that exposes my art on all it's shades. I want it to be a place that will make people happy, it will be fun and pleasant to visit.

I was born in Tel-Aviv and I love Jaffa, where there is coexistence between Muslims, Christians and Jews. We found the place by coincidence, it was like a gift waiting for us, and as soon as we went in we knew this is the best place for me and my art.


 This is a place that respects my art work and suits it. It has a soul of its' own, it is ancient and historical and at the same time it is designed in an updated and relevant way. I really love this place."

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Beit Eshel 9, Jaffa   Tel. +972-747-404680

Monday - Friday:  10am - 3pm

Saturday:  11am - 2pm


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Tel. +972-747-404680