The Gallery History

The building was built on 1860 and was used as stables of the Manuli khan, and named after its' Armenian owner. It is located in the heart of a commercial area at the entrance of Jaffa and it was used as an important khan for merchants that arrived Jaffa, and as a  transit station for many of the first immigrants that came to Israel in the beginning of the 20th century. The building had a lodge on the second floor, a commercial warehouse, and stables for the merchants' horses or camels and other animals they brought with them before they were sold.

The building was serving as a public and political center of the Jewish community in the city, and patients would be placed there before a doctor would see them. Out of the khan's front vehicles went to Jerusalem and other destinations around Jaffa. The structure was named by Moshe Smilanski "The Colonial Center of Jaffa", and around it there were institutions that assisted absorbing new comers. For many years manged the khan Israel and Rivka Cohen.

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